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Campaign Facebook Integration


Facebook feeds automatically appear on your campaign website.

Campaign Twitter Integration

Twitter Feeds

Tweets and Twitter feeds automatically feed to your site.

Google Pluse Site Integration

Google Plus

Improve your Google search result listings with Google+ Integration.

YouTube Site Integration


Show the latest campaign ads or news footage directly on your site.

Social Media Integration is an important part of any modern website.

Your website makes a central hub for all of the different media outlets.

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Photo Gallery Integrated Site

Showcase all of the latest events with the integrated photo gallery. The galleries can be divided into different categories. There are many different layout options to showcase photos.

Campaign SiteBlog

Integrated Blog on the Site.

A full featured blog is integrated into the site.  Important commentary, press releases, relevant news articles, or other relevant information can be shared throught the blog on the site.

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Campaign SiteFlash

Content Snippet Feature.

The site features an article previewer and rotator. It displays content articles, in a summarised form and rotates through a series of pages displaying articles in a single line.  This means anytime new content is added to the site, it automatically updates to the front page.

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Website Design

Easy to Manage

The site is built using technology that makes it easy to update content, blogs, pictures, videos, and other content on the site.  No technical skills are needed to manage updates to the site.

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