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The Most Value for Your Money!

We negotiate and purchase TV, radio and print advertising that is right for your campaign. We evaluate factors based on demographics, station formats, pricing rates, target audience and time of day for broadcast. Whether it is cable or broadcast TV, we can optimize your budget getting the biggest bang for your advertising buck!”

This includes research on your target audience, and deciding what type of medium will work best to reach the largest amount of voters with the most cost effective method. We recognize that with today’s technology candidates have a variety of media outlets at their disposal, both traditional media and new media. Traditional media would include broadcast TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and direct mail. New media might include satellite TV, cable TV, satellite radio, Internet and social media marketing.

The Internet offers a number of online media that has surfaced with the improvement of technology and the accessibility of the internet. Online Media can include social media, internet marketing, email marketing, referral links, web portals, banners, and video clips. (See our Internet Marketing Services).

Our media specialists can pick and choose which combination of media is the most appropriate and cost effective way to reach your voting demographic. With over 15 years of media buying experience, our media experts can help you make the most of your advertising dollars.

Media Buying Tips:

  • Establish your budget (How much do you plan to raise and what percent is to be spent on advertising?)
  • Establish your time-line (Election Day, work your way backwards. Take into account holidays and special events)
  • Identify your target market (Who are your voters - demographic, geographic, voter frequency?)
  • Research your target market (What media do your voters consume, what do they watch, listen too or browse?)
  • Set your objectives (Hard numbers on how many votes you need to win, and what demographic will they come from)
  • Define and plan out your strategy (Select type of message, media and ad frequency)
  • Execute your plan!

What is a Preemptible rate?

A preemptible rate is a discounted media rate offered to an advertiser on the basis of availability. The advertisement can be preempted by another advertiser that is willing to pay a higher price. Buying advertising at a preemptible rate is similar to buying an airline ticket on standby status. Many times these rates are in fact available for a fraction of retail cost per ad. It is a good rule of thumb to mix standard and preemptible rates to ensure you get the biggest bang for your advertising buck!

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